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Colorama paper background colours

Updated: Feb 29

” a photography studio with well kept paper backgrounds is a real treat”

Colorama by Manfrotto is a very flexible way to quickly change the background and the look of your studio image. Unfortunately, studios rarely look after them and they are mostly found wrinkled and torn in a corner.

At our Brighton photography studio, we pride ourselves in keeping all in-house equipment in tip top condition, including our background papers.

If we haven’t got your colour, let us know and we’ll order it in time for your shoot, at cost.

Colours available as of Jan. 2024 marked below with a black box:

Royal Purple, Rose Pink, Crimson, Damson, Mandarin, Buttercup, Sunflower, Summer Green, Chromagreen, Sea Blue, Larkspur, Lagoon, Lilac, Carnation, Chromablue, China Blue, Lupin, Cardamon, Oyster, Storm Grey, Charcoal, Vanilla, Arctic White, Riviera

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